Recurrencyfor Purchasing

Ditch spreadsheets
 for good

Make smarter purchasing decisions, faster. Recurrency helps you identify what to buy, when, and at what price. No manual min/max required.

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Use Recurrency and see the future

Automatic, intelligent forecasting from Recurrency considers outstanding quotes, committed orders, historical sales, and outside data to provide the most accurate demand forecasts in the industry.  Companies have experienced a 20-30% increase with in-stock rates using Recurrency.

Eliminate stock-outs and spoilage.
Leverage insights from third-party data.
RecurrencyAdminInventorySalesOrdersAccountingSearchPurchasingItemPricingEarplug Corded Detectable NRR 32 REDRecommeded PurchasesSupplier ID1615216152International Supply Co.International Supply Co.10: Seattle20: San Fran.Supplier NameLocationDeclineAcceptDailyWeeklyMonthlyMetal Detectable, NRR 32, Red with red cord, Poly BagForcasted40 CT


Streamline and simplify your procurement process

Streamline and simplify your entire purchasing process from critical stock level identification to purchase order entry. Recurrency enables your purchasing team to quickly determine which SKUs need to be reordered, how many to order, and when.

Eliminate clicks from every order.
Never set a minimum or maximum again.
Reorder 5 next weekReorder 25 in 3 daysReorder 25 today



From mom-and-pops to the Fortune 500, Recurrency Forecasting changes the game

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and there’s no better intuitive evidence of the value of demand forecasting like comparing predictions with reality. In our case study, see how Recurrency added millions to the bottom-line of one of the world’s most respected and forward-thinking distributors.

63% reduction

One of the largest Japanese conglomerates experienced a 63% reduction in forecasting error rates by using Recurrency.