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Give your sales team superpowers

with the AI-powered platform tailor-made for distributors.

Opportunity of the weekLast OrderCustomerShip toPotential ValueCreate QuoteReject Quote$248,055$248,05516152CostcoLos Angeles, CA$192,304$192,30418273TurnerDover, DE$47,203$47,20314273Beringer ValleyNapa, CA$248,055$248,05513670Big LotsJacksonville, FL $248,055$248,05519067JETechHouston, TX


Simplify the quoting process

Optimize pricing for every quote and order with Recurrency’s flagship dynamic pricing engine. Unlike traditional CPQ systems that leave money on the table, Recurrency lets you capture the entire willingness-to-pay curve.

Dynamic pricing for every customer-item-date combination.
Automatic revenue-maximizing prices 
for every SKU in 
your inventory.
RecurrencyAdminInventorySalesOrdersAccountingSearchPurchasingItemPricing$Recommended PriceQuantity Available%Gross Margin-Last Price-Last Qty$50$100$15001020304050QuantityPriceMarket LandscapePrice & AvailabilityCustomerWalmartProductPackaging TapeUnit of MeasureCTUnit of MeasureUOMCTPLUnit Size148DefaultYN


Turn one-off sales into subscriptions

With hundreds or thousands of customers to take care of, it’s easy for customers and orders to fall through the cracks. With Recurrency’s reorder prediction technology, sales reps are notified every time a customer is ready to reorder, growing customer loyalty and revenues without breaking a sweat.

Proactively identify repeat sales opportunities.
Simplified order 
entry for frequent
and reorder scenarios.


Automate your up-selling

Upsell and cross-sell customers to grow average order size. Recurrency identifies the items customers are most likely to buy, helping you move stock, increase revenue per order, and simplify customer purchase processes.

Increase line items per order.
Accelerate slow-moving stock.
Fall Protection HarnessHeat Resistant Gas ProtectorFull Brim Hard HatBest Matches for Jefferson SupplyDays Since Last Touch:



Sales teams have the need... the need for speed!

There is no greater waste of time than waiting for your legacy ERP to load. We’ve all felt the frustration of the hourglass, or the “beach ball of death.” In Recurrency, every page load is instant: faster than the blink of an eye.

1 minute

That’s how long it takes our average sales user to create a quote in Recurrency.